Modern and Stylish Bedroom Designs

Modern interior design especially in your bedroom is momentous to make you feel relax and comfortable. Color is the first thing that catches our eyes, like on the walls, bed set etc. Here are some of the bedroom interior design that you are dreaming of.    

Toxic Sequence – Toxic II

This table is based from stainless steel or mild,also it is planned to made in copper. Curves sheet steel of planes, that are effortlessly pass one  to another. It is available on a full sizes at a reasonable price.

Toxic Sequence – Toxic I

This table is also called “The Swirl”. It is based life rhythm, and inspires by the bracken and flowers during autumn season. The color is what the bracken looks like when it dies, and the pattern is from the seed development of a flower. This table dimension are related to Fibonacci sequence. The overall scale […]

Hexagon Collectors Table

This table is unique, it has multiple functions,it can be use as side-table, can be a drawer and also a coffee table in occasions. This table is crafted using aluminum and wood,with a mix of nylon hinge. It has 20 drawers that are hand painted and held in place by magnets.